A Glock 18 and Rex Lex

I do not intend to always post twice a week, but here I am doing it again. I am more of a reader than a viewer. But I do sometimes watch gun videos on YouTube. Recently I watched the Vickers Tactical video Glock 18C 4K that was posted by Larry Vickers on November 24. Larry … Continue reading A Glock 18 and Rex Lex

Survival, Prepping, and Agrarianism

  Most of us here probably started out by being interested in survival. Walking off into the woods with a backpack, perhaps to escape looters in a post-collapse world, or the marauding troops of a tyrannical government. I started this way. As a teenager, I kept a (woefully inadequate) bug-out bag of sorts. For a … Continue reading Survival, Prepping, and Agrarianism

General Lee Quote for Thanksgiving Discussion

I decided to post this piece to give everyone something stimulating to discuss with their family over Thanksgiving dinner. I will have a full length post up this Friday as usual. “I can only say that while I have considered the preservation of the constitutional power of the General Government to be the foundation of … Continue reading General Lee Quote for Thanksgiving Discussion

Dunbar’s Number and Kinist Philsophy

  Recently I came across an article that referenced “Dunbar’s Number”. Apparently, a British professor of evolutionary biology came up with the hypothesis that brain size limits the number of actual friends one may have. Not casual acquaintances which one might know by name, but actual friends that one really knows and is part of … Continue reading Dunbar’s Number and Kinist Philsophy

Musings on Kinism and Agrarianism

    I was thinking recently about how traditional beliefs and ways of life have been forgotten by most present-day Americans. Things that were once almost universally understood are now unheard of, or reviled. Two of these self-evident truths that our ancestors understood were (1) the underlying principles of Kinism and (2) an agrarian social … Continue reading Musings on Kinism and Agrarianism