When Mammon Rules

  “Ye cannot serve God and mammon”. When the false god Mammon rules, one’s folk are neglected and society begins to fracture. When Mammon sits upon his golden throne in our hearts, our minds are blinded to obvious truths. Children and home life suffer as father pursues advancement. Morality becomes questionable, and relative. Love of … Continue reading When Mammon Rules

Thanks, Nimrata

  Recently it broke that Nikki Haley, the United States ambassador to the U.N., was prank called by two Russian guys claiming to be a Polish government official. I first learned of it this morning at Occidental Dissent with the article Nikki Haley’s Binomo: UN Ambassador Duped By Russian Pranksters. On the recording of this … Continue reading Thanks, Nimrata

Remembering the Day of the Vow

  Today, December 16, is the 179th anniversary of the Battle of Blood River. This battle occurred December 16, 1838 in the present-day country of South Africa. The Boer trekkers absolutely vanquished the Zulu savages. Rejecting British rule and attempts to Anglicize their Dutch Calvinist faith, thousands of Boers set out north into the African … Continue reading Remembering the Day of the Vow