Thanks, Nimrata



Recently it broke that Nikki Haley, the United States ambassador to the U.N., was prank called by two Russian guys claiming to be a Polish government official. I first learned of it this morning at Occidental Dissent with the article Nikki Haley’s Binomo: UN Ambassador Duped By Russian Pranksters.

On the recording of this prank call, Nimrata Randhawa (the birth name of Nikki Haley) was asked about the (fictional) island of Binomo, in the South China Sea. The island does not exist, and was made up as part of the prank. Nimrata was told that the island had recently declared its independence, but that the callers thought Russia may have interfered in their first elections. Nimrata then exclaimed: “of course they did”!  Wow. Not only did Nimrata act as if she was aware of the (non-existent) situation, she quickly blamed Russia for inappropriate actions (that did not occur in a nation that does not exist on an island that does not exist). This is what American politics has sunk to.

One must remember that it was just two years ago, as governor of South Carolina, that Nimrata signed the law taking down the Confederate flag from the state capitol grounds. That the flag of the men who bled for Dixie was taken down by the governor was an insult, but that it was taken down by an ethnic Indian (Calcutta, not Cherokee) woman was a double insult, actually a triple insult.

Governor Nikki Haley Signs Bill To Remove Confederate Flag From SC Statehouse

note the design in the stained glass window above Nimrata as she signs away the Confederate flag

Nimrata’s actions remind me of a Bible verse, speaking of the condition of OT Israel when they had sinned against God. “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. Oh my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths”. —Isiah 3:12

Back in mid-2015 I had not published anything in the two years since my first book. But when Nimrata took down the Confederate flag that July, it spurred me to start an email commentary series to some friends. Those newsletters got expanded into my (out of print) book Putnam Liberty Notes in March 2016. That book led me to launch my old blog in May 2016, and to then publish As America Fades (August 2016) and Bloggings Of An Amerikaner (January 2017). I eventually gave up on restoring America, began reading (and then posting with) the Alt-Right, accepted the inevitability of America’s future balkanization, and celebrated my Southern ancestry and culture. And what started me on this political path was Nimrata hauling down the flag of Dixie 2 ½ years ago. Thanks, Nimrata; without you, I might not be where I am today.


3 thoughts on “Thanks, Nimrata

  1. The thing that bugs me even more is that Trump voters from the South all of a sudden love her. And she was considered part of the “swamp”. It also doesn’t even bug neo-cons that she is a woman in a leadership role, she’s not American, she’s not white, and she’s not a Southern either.

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    1. Hey southeastgadesdescendant,
      I would guess that they probably “all of a sudden” love her because of Trump’s embassy move to Jerusalem, and her speech about it at the UN. Dispensational/Futurist eschatology blinds many Christians to the JQ, and leads them to fanatically support the enemy of their people and culture. I have a female relative who got excited about the embassy moving to Jerusalem, somehow giving it end times significance.
      People who never got behind the whole JBS “get us out of the UN” message are now excited that Nimrata spoke nasty to the UN in defense of Israel. We live in a sad day.


  2. The description of these degenerates who, degrading things far above them reveals the humiliation , that most of their victims seem to blissfully escape. Has this new age church become an asylum for the remnant , whose final curse is delusion?


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