Christianity, Nationalism, and Agrarianism

  Recently I have been thinking a lot on the interaction of the three concepts mentioned in the title of this piece. As I am all three of these things, allow me to consider how I believe the three fit together. At its core, all just and rational law must be based on a morality, … Continue reading Christianity, Nationalism, and Agrarianism


A Trip to Corydon for Indiana’s Bicentennial

Note: The trip to Corydon recorded in this essay occurred back in June 2016. This essay was originally published in print as the 25th chapter of my August 2016 book As America Fades. I decided to share it online for those who have not purchased the book, which is still available on Amazon for $6.95.  … Continue reading A Trip to Corydon for Indiana’s Bicentennial

Judeophilia, the 70th Week, and Modern Christianity

Anyone who has been to a church in America in the last few years, especially an evangelical church, has witnessed Judeophilia gone wild. It is not only disgusting, it is theologically incorrect and in opposition to Reformed doctrine from centuries past. Much of this is based on a general misunderstanding of prophecy and covenants, and … Continue reading Judeophilia, the 70th Week, and Modern Christianity

Gun Purchasing, Before 1968

  Most of my readers who are into firearms realize that there were basically no Federal restrictions on private citizen procurement and ownership of small arms before the Gun Control Act of 1968, expect for registration and a tax stamp required for machineguns and suppressors (the NFA 34). Before 1968, there was *zero* Federal paperwork … Continue reading Gun Purchasing, Before 1968