New Year 2018


Well everyone, 2017 is over. I plan to have up a full length post for this weekend, but wanted to make a short post to wish my readers a happy new year.

Here in Southern Indiana, 2018 came in with a freeze. We have been having colder than normal weather, and this morning at 6:30 AM it was 0 degrees (actual air temp) here at the homestead; the local radio station said it was 3 degrees below zero.

I am posting this a few hours later than normal, because I woke up to frozen water pipes, but the wood stove had the house fairly warm. I walked down to the barn and unlocked the outdoor water hydrant, and it was flowing full strength. House pipes frozen, somewhere before the first sink. Again.

In many ways, 2017 was a bleak year for White people in America. Donald Trump has utterly betrayed so many of his campaign promises and “America First” policies. And we look forward to the possibility of immigration DACA “reform” (aka amnesty) this January. This corrupt political system is beyond repair. Trump’s actions have served the ultra wealthy, the state of Israel, and organized Jewry -not working class White Americans.

Politically, December was a bad month for Merica. Pandering to Z.O.G., Twitter crackdown on the Alt-Right, and Confederate monuments being taken down in Memphis. At this rate, the very last vestige of the Founder’s America will be gone in no time…But the manipulated stock market has hit new highs, denominated in the fiat FRNs that run our (((Goldman Sachs))) economy!

A few days ago, mass protests broke out in Iran. The more perceptive analysists on the Alt-Right suspect that this is not an organic action of the common people of Iran, but is orchestrated from above by the C.I.A. and/or Mossad. That seems likely to me, remembering how the Arab Spring and Ukraine 2014 went down.

Happy New Year my readers, and let us pray that this year is not as bad as 2017. Despite political corruption and forced multiculturalism, our families and our people will go on!


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