Alt-Right Reminiscences

I consciously entered the Alt-Right almost two years ago, though ideologically I was a fellow-traveler for years before I became familiar with the term. It has been an interesting time. I watched the Alt-Right rise to national prominence, became an Alt-Right content creator myself, and watched it begin to fragment in the last couple of months. Here is my take on the last year and a half.

When I first became aware of the Alt-Right, I assumed that ethno-nationalism was a given. In all reality, the Alt-Right probably started as a gathering place for everyone on the right who was out of the mainstream: right libertarians, constitutionalists, pale-conservatives, and White nationalists. In mid-2016, it looked to me like a fusion of Trump supporters and White Nationalists, with an edgy young guy flavor. The term “Identarian” got used quite a bit, which was a sugar-coated term for Pan-European ethno-nationalism designed to not scare the normies.

In 2016, Richard Spencer was perhaps the best known public figure in the loose knit Alt-Right. It appeared that Andrew Anglin’s The Daily Stormer and The Right Stuff were the two most popular websites. Blogs like Laurence Murray’s The Atlantic Centurion were hot stuff, and he dual posted much of his stuff over at TRS. I never followed The Daily Stormer, but I read a lot of the pieces at TRS.

The Alt-Right generally supported Donald Trump for president, though a few hard-core ones supported no one, as they thought that Trump was a frontman for the Jews and/or was too little too late. Those few turned out to be right.

Dr. David Duke of Louisiana, whose pro-White activism long pre-dated the rise of the Alt-Right, tried to ride the wave of nationalist and populist sentiment to a seat in the U.S. Senate, but did not even get close. He and others tried to use Trump’s rhetoric, on which Trump has massively backpedaled since election, to move the Overton Window (aka the range of respectable political opinion) to the right, hopefully far enough right to get their own far right views heard by normies.

On a side note, regarding the Overton Window, I do not think it really moved. A few normies woke up, and some of us on the right moved farther right, but I do not think that mainstream political thought and discourse moved to the right. Regarding the Overton window, in his December 27 Occidental Dissent piece President Trump Celebrates Kwanzaa, Hunter Wallace stated the following: “Since President Trump has been in office, the Overton Window has shifted us off social media and crowdfunding platforms. We were unanimously condemned by the Republican Congress. It was #NewRight homosexuals who went mainstream under Trump. Hell, the “God Emperor” celebrates Kwanzaa and wore a yarmulke at the Western Wall”. Well said, Mr. Wallace; the “mainstream” right is a bit farther left now than it was before Trump’s election.

This election and street rally melee in 2016 is when I first became aware of Matthew Heimbach and Matt Parrott, and their Traditional Workers Party. There might have been a PBS interview that was geographically close to home for me…

I think that six things characterized the Alt-Right in 2017: fading support for Trump, doxing, street activism, the rise of the Alt-South faction, social media censorship, and internal fragmenting. Let me take them in that order.

While most of the Alt-Right supported Trump in the election, his launching of tomahawk cruise missiles against the Syrian government in April 2017 began the exodus of his Alt-Right supporters. This unnecessary strike was an obvious betrayal of his “America First” campaign rhetoric. This was perhaps most obvious to the Southern Nationalist faction of the Alt-Right, who had only supported Trump as a single transitory step toward their dreams of a free White Dixie.

Doxing, the public revealing of a pseudonymous online personality’s identity by his ideological enemies, hit the Alt-Right in January. TRS got doxed. The boldly anti-Semitic and White Nationalist multi-author blog and podcast site The Right Stuff took some heat when it was revealed that its founder was married to a woman of (I think partial) Jewish lineage. About this time, the Southern faction at TRS, the TRS Confederates, set up their own site, Identity Dixie. TRS is still up, but is now more of a podcast site than a blog.


Pikeville, April 2017

Starting with the April rally in Pikesville, Kentucky, there was a surge in Alt-Right street events during 2017. The Alt-Right were openly armed at Pikesville, and all went well. They then took a blow with the August rally in rabidly left-leaning Charlottesville, Virginia, where police allowed Antifa to attack the unarmed Alt-Right. One Alt-Right guy ran over an overweight Antifa female with his car, and was charged with murder. (The Alt-Right hold that it was likely him attempting to escape from a very hostile crowd, not an intentional murder). Of note is that Charlottesville’s mayor was a Jew, and the vice mayor a Negro who has expressed “Black power” type sentiments in the past. Enough said. I had thought about going to Pikesville, but did not personally attend any of these rallies.

Now on to the rise of the Alt-South. The whole Alt-South movement was officially launched with a small conference in January 2017, Identity Dixie and Occidental Dissent being the two sites that broadcast the Alt-South message. As my readers know, I became a contributor to the multi-author blog and podcast hosting site Identity Dixie in May, and posted essays there heavily until my political burnout in late July. I still read the headlines and some of the articles there (and at Occidental Dissent), even though I have not posted at ID in several months.

The Alt-South is basically the convergence point of Southern Nationalism, the League of the South, and the Alt-Right. The Alt-South is implicitly Protestant Christian. As I gave up on restoring America in late 2016, and considered the Empire’s potential (inevitable?) Balkanization, I came to embrace Southern Nationalism in early 2017 as a viable alternative. (On a side note, in late July, editor Silas Reynolds of ID reposted one of my essays, a review of Dr. David Duke’s excellent book The Secret Behind Communism over at TRS, where Silas also posts).

There has been censorship of the Alt-Right by social media. Facebook and Twitter have both suspended Alt-Right personalities’ accounts. The December 2017 Twitter purge hit Matt Parrott and Dr. Michael Hill, but did not oust Dr. Duke. Kinists were largely unaffected by this purge, as they are such a small group that (((the enemy))) pays little attention to them. The highly popular website comment service Disqus ceased servicing many Alt-Right sites, including Occidental Dissent. YouTube has been demonetizing videos, making their creators unable to receive add revenue for high-view videos they made. Several payment services, including PayPal and Patreon, will not knowingly contract with Alt-Right figures.

The final thing I have witnessed is internal fragmenting of the Alt-Right, over ideology more than personality conflicts. Hunter Wallace (aka Brad Griffin), who is the ramrod of the site Occidental Dissent, put up a good essay titled The Hard Right at OD back on October 31. The Hard Right piece covered the fragmenting of the Alt-Right from the vantage point of a Southern Nationalist who had risen with it and went to many rallies.

Basically, there were two stages to this fragmenting of the Alt-Right. Stage one was where the Alt-Light formed up. The Alt-Light were guys like the Breitbart site, Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars, Vox Day, and the disgusting sexual pervert Milo Yiannopoulos. The Alt-Light was for American civic/proposition nationalists who: (1) liked Trump, (2) hated Muslims, (3) and would rather die than be called “racist” by their peers. The Alt-Lite was against multiculturalism, but not against miscegenation. The Alt-Light consisted of civic nationalist game players. I was glad to see the Alt-Light move away from the Alt-Right. Stage two of the fragmenting was when the various Alt-Right factions, post the Shelbyville, Tennessee rally in October, started intellectually parting ways. In The Hard Right, Wallace opined that now the Southern Nationalists, White Nationalists, and National Socialists were separating from the pro-White American Nationalist wing of the Alt-Right. On November 6, on the TradWorker site, Matthew Heimbach posted an article titled We Are Not American Nationalists, in which he officially removed his National Socialists types from the Alt-Right, but he did not use Wallace’s “Hard Right” term.

As I see it, this is the state of the Alt-Right today. The Alt-Right was largely an internet based movement, likely predominantly composed of unmarried White males under the age of 40 (yes, I am one of those). I do not think any of the public rallies turned out more than 1,000 Alt-Righters. I know nothing of forums like 4chan, but from the sites I have visited, I suspect that there are/were less than 200 regular content creators/bloggers in the Alt-Right, of which I am a minor one.

One thing that concerns me about the future of the Alt-Right is the large portion of content creators who use obvious pseudonyms, and who do not post an actual picture of themselves with their blog profile. The American Patriot movement, even militia leaders and income tax protestors, operated under their real names. So did early White Nationalists like Rockwell. But many Alt-Right content creators, even in the Kinist camp, operate under a pseudonym. There are not saying anything illegal or advocating violence, and if they were, it could be traced back to them by their computer’s IP address anyway, regardless of what name they posted under. They post under a pseudonym so that they may continue their decent paying corporate jobs.

I do not think that all people need to tell all their neighbors and coworkers about their WN beliefs and go to public rallies, or that every internet commentor needs to only comment under their real name. But when a big portion of the content creators are operating basically anonymously, it makes me a bit uncomfortable.

I understand that it can be uncomfortable, if not technically impossible, to work in the corporate world while espousing White Nationalist ideology, whether your corporate job is in an office in a big city or as a line cook at your local McDonald’s. I think that a movement led by pseudonymous posters can ultimately go only so far. To speak out under one’s own name will likely demand one exit the corporate world. Maybe that is a good thing? If we, or at least the South, are to rebuild an agrarian and kin centered free White society, then we will have to cease working for the ant-White and mammon obsessed corporations at some point anyway. And if/when we have a TEOTWAWKI event, the corporations will be gone anyway.

This essay, for whatever it is worth, is my take on the recent history and current status of the Alt-Right. Though it is much longer than I usually post, I hope it has been educational to my readers.


6 thoughts on “Alt-Right Reminiscences

  1. Thank you for this evaluation of a dissident organization. Several things have become to me revealed.
    It is necessary to know the actual situation during war. ANd I should presume it can be agreed the eternal war of the struggle with right or wrong , good and evil has divided and/or alienated a race of peoples , who now can no longer agree on what is most important.

    Firstly, indeed one ventures into the dark, unknown (internet) confiding to other strangers his/her nakedness; ANd in a venue so perilously occupied with agents with malicious intent. Trust therefore is not faith but rather foolishly offered confession to be vitiated by the first testifying of truth, to which there is provocation of a morbid and often profane invective..

    Truth is still an absolute and inspired(revealed) that strangely may be shared by atheist and simple minded Christ like myself. Yet soon the convictions of irreconcilable ideologies must not only lead to disaffection but a bitter alienation of hostility. But communication is a hunger and it leads further to its satisfaction.

    Youth today have been inculcated that nothing really matters but money. This is not confined to pragmatic materialism but even the churches , or what pretend to be.

    Therefore I see unification as the most important. But it is through all these new ideologies or religions : DNA;,I Q, ;evolution ; and hero worship or apotheosis or ordinary men usually intellectuals to a Christ man or traditional Europeans impossible to accept. This is first based on their worship of their own race , which is called white or EUropean. Obviously , for these enlightened ones , who usually know no more than the last book they read race itself is not enough.

    I will cease here with the critical problem , the white people are divided or alienated and unification through a common and eternal purpose will be the victory.

    I appreciate your thoughts , Mr. Putnam and hope my few words shall encourage you to persevere and never , never give up.


  2. An excellent breakdown of what has occurred. I generally find myself on the outside looking in, only catching glimpses of what has been going on. I appreciate that you put the whole picture together for us.
    A note on anonymity and content creation.
    I have never feared using my first name. But, I am in a position that has taken nearly two decades to get in to, and one mention of me commenting on or visiting sites that you mentioned in your article is enough to have me removed from it.
    Unfortunately, this has made it very difficult for me to connect with people.
    While I have neither the desire nor time to write content, my specialty is in photo and cinematography.
    Outside of very few instances I never see those mediums discussed in an effort to share our beliefs. Generally the work I’ve seen is lackluster, trite and unimaginative.
    Any thoughts on how to put such skills to use?


    1. Hey Jason, Glad that you found the piece enjoyable.
      I understand that there are guys with families to feed who (for financial reasons) are unable to publicly mention or real name comment on Alt-Right type sites. As long as they are not trolling, and you certainly are not trolling, it is fine with me when commentors use only a first name or pseudonym. I just like to know the identity (and thus philosophies and potential motivations) of other content creators.
      Like you, I did not attend the series of Alt-Right rallies, and my face to face contact with like minded individuals has been limited. I do have email relationships with a few other bloggers though.
      Regarding you skill question, we appear to have skill sets in different areas. I take decent photos, but have no real skills making graphics/memes or videos. Memes and YouTube (narrated videos that only show image collections, not you) might be an area for you to use your skills. My images here at GKS are rather mundane, while guys like Jacob at Watchman Awaken are MUCH better at graphics design than me.


  3. Thanks so much for your step-by-step through the world
    of the right. The old ‘enemy of my enemy’ thing seemed just
    wrong when somebody like milo was my enemy’s enemy in
    politics….. but he was my enemy in the faith.

    When trump said gays were fine in any bathroom at his
    properties, I sorta gagged……


  4. Hey Willy,
    Ah yes, when Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner was told by The Donald that they could use whatever bathroom they wanted to at Trump Tower. Trump is indeed very far from Biblical morality. He is also very far from “America First” and the Alt-Right. I am afraid that the Alt-Right got played by Trump.


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