Internet Fatigue

Those who have been following my writing for more than six months or so know that last fall I had a bit of a burn out on following the news cycle and doing political commentary. I deleted my old blog back in September 2017, and went without commenting for a month until I started up … Continue reading Internet Fatigue

Marriage Licenses Examined

  Note: This blog post is an enhanced re-write of the 9th essay of my March 2016 book Putnam Liberty Notes. As it is no longer in print, I decided to post it here for the edification of my readers. Those who at least causally follow the news were aware of the supreme Court* ruling … Continue reading Marriage Licenses Examined

Book Review: Clyde Wilson’s “The Yankee Problem”

Today I am going to review noted Professor Clyde N. Wilson’s 2016 book The Yankee Problem, which is subtitled An American Dilemma and published by Shotwell Publishing. It is paperback and 105 pages in length. Shotwell is based in South Carolina, in the Deep South. The Yankee Problem is a series of twelve essays, some of … Continue reading Book Review: Clyde Wilson’s “The Yankee Problem”

Musings On Copyrights and the Registration Process

  I have been thinking about the concept of a copyright recently. I have been thinking on this because of my experiences with the U.S. Copyright Office last year. First I will talk about the concept of copyright, then rant a bit about my personal experiences, and finally conclude by making some philosophical observations. First … Continue reading Musings On Copyrights and the Registration Process