Three Reasons to Choose an Agrarian Life

  I have gotten a bit bogged down doing a lot of posts about politics and current events recently, and I wish to instead talk about agrarianism in this week’s post. Namely, I wish to elaborate on the three main reasons why one should be an agrarian. I think that the three main reasons for … Continue reading Three Reasons to Choose an Agrarian Life


Syria, Dresden, Democracy, and Burger Nationalism

  Last week Trump ordered a missile strike on the government of Bashar al-Assad, the democratically president of Syria. This was in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons by his army, an incident that Russia claims was a hoax/false flag. I tend to agree with Russia on this one. It makes no sense … Continue reading Syria, Dresden, Democracy, and Burger Nationalism

Burger Nationalism

Those who frequent Alt-Right type websites sometimes see the derisively used term “burger nationalism”. The implication is that of a multiracial proposition nation based around liberty, universal democracy, and materialism -a nation that will eventually degenerate to moral decadence and consumerism -to a nationalism defined by cheeseburger consumption more than by blood and ancestral tradition. … Continue reading Burger Nationalism