Rethinking the Christian Agrarian Movement

Let us consider the Christian Agrarian movement and the concept of agrarian community. Those who have been reading me for awhile will be familiar with agrarian author Michael Bunker. I still agree with the call to agrarianism expressed in his book Surviving Off Off-Grid, though I am saddened by the direction he has taken with … Continue reading Rethinking the Christian Agrarian Movement

Wigging Out Over Whigs and Tories

I felt like a fun historical post for this week. Here I go. Several months ago I came across a few positive references to Toryism and Radical Toryism from the Alt-South. Whoa. That was an attention getter. One faction of Southern Nationalists hold Tory sentiments, as explained by this article at Identity Dixie. But just … Continue reading Wigging Out Over Whigs and Tories