A New Day at GKS


When I started GKS in late October 2017, after taking a brief hiatus from blogging, I did *not* intend for it to be a politics/current events themed blog. I wanted to examine history, agrarianism, Southern culture, theology, and the preservation of the heritage of the sons of Europe who settled America.

My fire to blog weekly on politics, which basically flickered out in mid-2017, was somewhat reignited on this blog. Somewhat. My last purely “current events” themed commentary post was on April 18. Since that time I have been easing back toward a blog focus of history, White culture, agrarianism, and Christian theology. In this time, especially the last two months, I have watched my blog stats page, and saw that my visits and article view stats have noticeable declined.

I came to my decision Saturday evening. I was with some relatives on a picnic at Spring Mill State Park. The park was not crowded. After we ate, I took the hike down to Donaldson Cave. It was in the low 80s, and about 8 PM. It is a steep wooded hillside down, and the trail that winds down the ravine mainly consists of board steps. There are about 174 (yes I counted them) wood plank stairs down, interspersed with planked platforms of twelve to twenty feet in length. Finally, one gets to the bottom and sees the stream coursing towards one, and feels the cool air discharged from the cave. Then one sees the opening. I had no camera with me this time, but here is a link to a YouTube video someone else took of it.

I met a party when I was going down, and there was an old couple there who left shortly after I arrived. I marveled at the beauty of the cave, and went perhaps a dozen feet inside it. As I had no light, I did not climb up the wall to reach the main passage going back in to the right. Standing there alone near dusk, on some rocks inside the cave to avoid soaking my cowboy boots in the stream that exits the cave, I felt at peace.

I do not wish to return to political blogging. There are a few good sites, like Occidental Dissent, that do a very good job of providing daily news and commentary.

The tagline of this site is “the author site and blog of Joseph Charles Putnam”. I am now transitioning GKS into an author site, not a weekly blog. What this means is that I will post here once a month, generally in the first week of the month. My posts will deal primarily with my book projects, and with any historical places of interest that I happen to visit. (I am planning a trip this year to Locust Grove, an Antebellum era plantation in Kentucky, which I plan to write up here).  All my old blogs posts will stay up here, for the education of any new people who come across GKS, perhaps as a result of the book projects I am planning.

I am going to continue writing, but for print readers. I have four potential book projects started, and I need to cease my weekly blogging to give proper attention to them. The one I am currently working on is tentatively titled Rethinking The Propositions, and is a *hard right* reexamination of what I term “American civic mythology”. It is a systematic examination of concepts that I devoted much of my time to for over a decade, and dares to question the core “America” principles that have allowed the U.S.A. to degenerate into egalitarian democracy, multiculturalism, and sexual decadence. The other projects deal with local history, theology, and agrarianism.

I hope that my regular readers will continue to follow my site, checking at least once every month to get updates on what I am doing and my various book projects. Those who follow me for news headlines as a form of entertainment, a very common type in the right, will no longer find my site of much interest.

Thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “A New Day at GKS

    1. Thank you Mac Tire. If all goes as planned, and I do not get too mired down in editing, the first one may be out in early October.


  1. Wednesday August 8 Update:
    Hey all,
    In this essay on Monday I referred people to Occidental Dissent as a great daily news site. A few hours ago, Hunter Wallace of Occidental Disssent has posted that he has been added to one of the frivolous lawsuits originating from the “Unite the Right” rally in Cville last August. He is taking down OD for the next week as he fundraisers, he needing to raise $5,000 for his lawyer fees. I will be donating, to help him, and to keep OD online. Even if you can only spare $5 or $10, that would help him. You can send a donation (anonymously) to his P.O. Box if you are into that kind of thing. The link that follows shows you his post.


  2. We have always appreciated your blog above others because of your focus on the right thing: Christian Agrarianism. But you are correct: our people who are “woke” do not understand the truth of this vital stance. Thus, we spin our wheels talking politics on topics that we can do nothing practical about.

    Our YouTube viewership sees 5-10 times less traffic when speaking on Christian Agrarianism as opposed to our video on Trump and another on Matthew Heimbach.

    We look forward to your books as homeschooling resources for our children for generations to come.


    1. Hey Hans,
      Glad that you enjoy the blog, and are looking forward to the books.
      Editing RTP is going well.
      I agree with you on web traffic. The JQ gets *many* more views than a post on agrarianism. Yesterday, I took a picture of an Amish tobacco field. I do not think regular farmers still grow that around here. This Amish guy’s field was large enough that I assume he was going to sell some.


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