Sweet Potato Harvest and Upcoming Book Release


Last weekend I did my sweet potato harvest. Last year I had a much better (per capita) harvest of sweet potatoes than of regular potatoes. This year remained true to that pattern.

I planted regular potatoes (both red and white varieties) and sweet potatoes (the New Orleans variety this year instead of Beauregard). I got two solid bushels of sweet potatoes, shown in the picture above laid out for curing before storage. I planted twice as many “regular” potatoes as sweet potatoes, but got twice the yield per capita from the sweet potatoes. I think that my soil and climate are more suited to sweet potatoes than to regular ones. Also, some of my regular potatoes went rotten while curing, while my sweet ones are curing just fine.

I just (literally 5 minutes ago) uploaded my manuscript file of Rethinking The Propositions to KDP and submitted my (rather catchy) cover design. I just put in my request to order a print copy for final proofing. But there is one little snag. From what I have read, the main CreateSpace (now Kindle Direct Publishers) print facility is in Charleston, South Carolina. Thanks to Hurricane Florence, I wonder if there might be a delay in them printing and mailing out my proof copy. Once I receive my proof copy, I will do a final read through, and then approve it for sale on Amazon. I am still aiming for a release date in the first week of October.

I feel rather satisfied that the project is complete, except for the final read through. I have put a great deal of thought and effort into this over the past few months, and am looking forward to some more time outdoors, reading books just for fun, and a trip to historic Locust Grove plantation.

My next post will be announcing the release of Rethinking The Propositions! After that, I will reappraise my blogging schedule. Thanks for the interest.


4 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Harvest and Upcoming Book Release

  1. Sweet potatoes are my go to staple crop if things ever get rough. Where I’m at in Texas they take very little effort to prepare for planting and once they take root they really take off. I don’t eat a whole lot of sweet potatoes personally but I continue to grow them in case I ever need a high yielding, low maintenance, highly nutritious crop as a staple. You have to watch out though, critters like deer and rabbits love sweet potato leaves.
    Looking forward to buying the book as soon as it comes! I enjoy reading your blog so I am sure the book will be a good and informative read. Keep up the good work.


    1. Thanks a Southerner,
      Glad that you enjoy the blog and are looking forward to the book.
      Regarding sweet potatoes, I used to love regular potatoes way more, but in the last two years I have developed quite a taste for sweet potatoes: baked, candied, or even mashed. Yes, mashed sweet potatoes!


  2. Thursday Evening September 27 Update:
    My proof copy of RTP arrived today, sooner than I had expected, and I have begun the final proof reading. I anticipate making a few tweaks, and having it in print and available on Amazon within the next 4 days.


  3. Saturday Morning September 29 Update:
    I have finished the proof review of my printed proof copy, and submitted the manuscript to KDP for final review. Barring some tech issue, it should be live for sale on Amazon with 72 hours! I will have an post here when it is available! The project nears completion!

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