*Rethinking The Propositions* Now Available On Amazon!


I am pleased to announce that my latest work, Rethinking The Propositions, is now live for sale at Amazon.com. Rethinking The Propositions is a small book of 13 chapters, plus an extended Epilogue. It numbers 101 pages, and retails for $8.95. Here is the link to it on Amazon.

I took time off from blogging the last few months to work on RTP, wishing to make a more comprehensive (and more permanent) statement than just a series of blog posts. This work is the culmination of my 20 year journey from the American patriot movement, through mild libertarianism, to ethnonationalism, and finally to the Alt-Right and Southern Nationalism.

I set the tone of the work with a series of dueling quotes on page four, showing a thumbnail glimpse of the propositions and my rethinking of them. As I state on the back cover: Rethinking The Propositions is a no holds barred reexamination of “American civic mythology”. This book dares to educate on American history in a way that public schools and the media never dared. This book dares to question not just the correctness of the laws and policies of the present-day American government, but the presuppositions that those laws are based upon”.

I start off with a reappraisal of America’s founding history, and then proceed to examine a list of topics (one per chapter) that are the “sacred principles” underlying American democratic government, even democracy itself. This is no doubt my most controversial work yet. I then cap it off with the last two chapters and Epilogue focusing on the issues facing us as Imperial American crumbles.

At the end, I make no recommendation as to the *perfect* form of civil government, something which probably does not exist. RTP is simply an analysis of what does not work. I feel that I have made RTP long enough to properly cover the subject, while being short enough that the average man might actually read it.

Some will say that Rethinking The Propositions is a slightly fashy take on Southern Nationalism, with an emphasis on Christian morality and the simple agrarian lives of our ancestors. In a sense, I suppose they are right.  Please check it out on Amazon today!


7 thoughts on “*Rethinking The Propositions* Now Available On Amazon!

    1. Thanks A Southerner,
      I hope you enjoy it. It is no doubt my most controversial work to date. Well, controversial by “enlightened” modern standards…


  1. Saturday October 6 Update:
    Hey all,
    I want to send out a thanks to those who have already purchased RTP. I would love it if you all reviewed it on Amazon. You have to have an account there, but you *can* review there under a pseudonym if you want to. Every up-vote, social media share, and positive review at Amazon helps!


  2. Hey Mr. Putnam,
    I received the book and just finished reading it. I found it to be a thought-provoking and to the point breakdown of the American “experiment” and why it was set to fail before it began. You presented the case concisely, without a whole lot of filler, which I appreciated, and it was and enjoyable read. I tried to leave a review on Amazon but they wouldn’t let me since your book was the first purchase I’ve ever made on Amazon and they only let you leave a review if your total purchases exceed $50 in 12 months. I’ll leave a review as soon as I place my next order on Amazon, which should get me over the minimum. I appreciate the effort you put into the book and you broached a very important subject that us in the Alt-South need to start seriously discussing, namely rejecting the humanistic and abstract system that our Founder’s established for one of Blood and Soil.


    1. Glad that you enjoyed the book A Southerner. We share enough common ground, both culturally and theologically, that I am not surprised that you enjoyed RTP. I was aiming at a concise work, and I am glad that you think I achieved it. And I really appreciate the Amazon review attempt!


  3. January 2, 2019 Update:
    Hello GKS readers,
    I checked Amazon this morning, and they still have FREE SHIPPING on my book *RTP*. I believe that they are running this promo on all in stock books, until January 31st. If you have not yet got a copy of *RTP*, now is the perfect time!


  4. May 28 Announcement:
    Dragged kicking and screaming into the digital age, I just re-published my paperback book *Rethinking The Propositions* as a Kindle Ebook. I corrected a few typographical and grammatical errors, reformatted for digital, and just released it last night.
    For some reason, the table of contents does not seem to link to the chapters…which means that one must simply scroll down if they wish to go back to where they left off reading earlier. The cool part is that the Kindle Ebook is priced at only $3.99, and will be delivered to your Kindle device, tablet, or smartphone instantly. Only $3.99, check it out today!


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