An Agrarian Take #2: Greta Thunberg


Back on January 15 of this year I posted an essay titled An Agrarian Take on Exercise vs. Labor. I have decided to make a series on this concept, posting a “An Agrarian Take” essay once (every mid-month) and a standard post on each 1st of the month.

“I don’t want you to be hopeful. I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day”. —famous speech of Greta Thunberg, hysterical climate change activist

Okay, so what does wacky little Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg have to do with an agrarian worldview? Nothing, which is the point of this essay. Greta, and her solutions, are a product of cosmopolitan urbanism.

First note the source. Who is Greta Thunberg that the world should (and is) listening to her? She is not even an adult. She is a 16 year old high school student with some openly acknowledged mental struggles (Aspenger’s, OCD, and selective muteness). At what point did noted national news outlets start to take note of the opinion schoolgirls, and see them of value in the national political dialog? She has even been given an audience by the United Nations in New York. Is this campaign to boost her popularity truly an organic mass movement and social media phenomenon, or is it fueled by *big money* behind the scenes?

Greta is Swedish by ethnicity. Though see appears fully White, she is not your typical Nordic looking Swede. She was raised in privilege, her parents both professionals living a very lavish lifestyle, the mother a former internationally performing singer. Little Greta got so upset about the climate change things that her teachers told her that it consumed her, to the point that she could not eat, and stopped talking. Only environmental activism could restore her drive to live. Or so the official story goes.

Greta wants us to “panic” about what she believes is going on in regards to pollution and climate change. She wants to lead massive student protests to stop climate change. She wants adults, including experienced male leaders, to listen to her take on complex scientific issues that scientists with Ph.D.’s do not all agree on. She just knows because, well, her teenage estrogen fueled emotions tell her so! Everyone should listen to her!

That there have been synchronized and large scale student protests set off by her this year is more than the result of one girl ranting on social media. It is an orchestrated campaign to engineer public consensus, financed by the powers that be. This pattern has been occurring in America for at least the last century, as evinced by (((Edward Bernays’))) 1928 work Propoganda.

But Greta does not want to inspire people to lead *truly sustainable* traditional lives. Oh no. Greta wishes to conserve the modern social paradigm, but with less pollution and greenhouse gasses, and thus avoid the catastrophic climate change that she and AOC think is imminent. Greta does not want you to disconnect from the power grid, ditch your electronic devices (whose uses requires coal power plants sending smoke into the sky), and began to produce one’s food from the land in an organic and sustainable way. No, Greta just wants you to stop eating meat, and for the government to pass more laws.

Greta’s solution is not a return to sustainable agrarianism. Greta’s solutions are only about individual action in the very narrow sense of individuals protesting to put pressure on the state to act. Greta is a collectivist. She does not want to change the world, she wants people to band together and demand the government change the world for them.

I admit that we are wasting fossil fuel resources through unnecessary travel, but I see that as an area for personal restraint, not government action. I rarely travel more than 50 miles from my house, but I occasionally do. I will probably take a 200+ mile Kentucky daytrip next year. Not every week, or month. Next year. The easiest way to conserve resources, reduce pollution, and cut back on those fabled “carbon emissions” that exit an automobile’s tailpipe is not the passing of even more government regulations on auto manufacturers. It is to simply not use the car as often. Problem solved.

That this strange little Swedish girl rocketed to stardom earlier this year is a pathetic commentary on our society. Why should you or I care what Greta Thunberg thinks about literally anything? Would George Washington have waited with baited breath to hear the assertions of Greta, that he might reform his worldview thereby? What about Daniel Boone, or Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee? Would John Calvin have sought Greta’s insight (pause while I laugh)?

I wish to see people reduce their pollution. I wish to prohibit industry from massive environmental destruction, like pouring raw sewage and industrial waste straight into the Ohio River. (Yes, that happened in the past, to the point that catfish were developing cancerous lesions on their bodies). But mankind cannot exist without some mild “pollution”, such as smoke from the woodstove that keeps him warm (and alive) in the winter. Warmth and heat for cooking have to come from somewhere, preferably a local and sustainable source.

Eating red meat daily is not a problem, and creates no real pollution and is fully sustainable, if the animals are raised locally on an organic diet. Their manure, and what is left after butchering, go back to the soil to enrich it, creating more grass to nourish the next generation of livestock. It is a lifecycle, organic and sustainable.

Cities are not sustainable. They must be powered and fed from without, filled with people who do not produce *any* of their daily needs. Why is Greta against eating steak, but not against the existence of cities. Why? It really does not matter. I have wasted enough time on her valueless opinions already.

While there can be periods of abnormal heat or cold, along with floods and earthquakes, the Bible clearly informs us that: “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and night and day shall not cease”. (Genesis 8:22) God did not stop man from defiling the earth with pollution, poisoning the very food he eats; but he did proclaim that the change of seasons will not end as long as the earth exists. Global warming resulting in an eternal summer with rising ocean levels that submerge the continents is not possible, per the word of God. But I doubt that the people enthused by Greta’s rhetoric care what the Bible says about it (or about anything else).

That, my readers, is an agrarian take on Greta.

8 thoughts on “An Agrarian Take #2: Greta Thunberg

  1. The missing word – Puppet. This little girl was chosen as a symbol, a representative, and yes, a puppet. She is the product of the globalists in their highly successful manipulation of an emotion-driven society. The contrast between the “Greta view” and the Agrarian view is a stark reminder of the urban vs. rural divide. The Gretas of the world see the world as though it is a Disney movie playing on their big screen TV as they sit in a high-rise apartment – they can pause and rewind, they can change the channel if they get bored. Their world is carefully scripted to show only the most pleasing parts of life; their world has no connection with reality.

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  2. Hey Stephen,
    I agree that there is something about the whole Greta phenomenon that seems very *staged*. You are correct that the life of modern urban youth has “no connection with reality”. People who have never planted a sweet potato or a peach tree want to reorder the world for sustainability. Ridiculous.

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  3. Another point that seems to be forgotten in all the discussion is asking, “What energy source powers the planet, and thus determines the climate?”. The Urbanites are so insulated inside their concrete and asphalt cities that they lose sight of the sun outside. It is energy from the sun that heats the Earth, and the sun is not a static cosmic light bulb – the amount of energy it puts out changes. The arrogance of Man is on full display thinking that our puny presence can determine the climate of the entire planet.

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    1. Indeed Stephen. When man rejects God, openly or implicitly, he becomes so arrogant that he thinks that he (or mankind in general) is god.
      If a solar storm ever gives us a major EMP, those urbanites ranting about climate change will be reminded that the sun is not in our control. But they won’t be able to tweet about it from their EMP fried smartphones, as their bellies get hungry with no food being trucked in to the cities, because the truck’s electronics were likewise fried. Experience is a hard way to learn.

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  4. Joe,

    Greta and those of her ilk are examples of watermelon Marxists. Green on the outside and red in the middle. Her handlers, and believe me she has them are using this supposed crises to control and restrict peoples travel and not benefit the planet. I like your take on the cities. Filled with useless people to don’t put anything into the operation of the city. Some useless administrative functionary clogging a freeway who doesn’t produce anything. These type in SOCAL tend to ease their conscience by shopping at expense outdoor stores, ie: REI to buy equipment so they can take walks outside. This must be achieved by driving an overpriced SUV (that has never been in 4WD) to a set aside government park so they can appreciate the planet. These are the types that actually care what Greta thinks. Unlike So. Indiana, to appreciate the LORD’s handiwork you just step outside. Great post. Tony.

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    1. Hey Tony,
      I was doing some online research this morning for my book project and I saw your comment. Glad that you enjoyed my take on Greta. I do believe that I first heard the term “watermelon Marxist” back in my reading JBS material days. I grinned a bit thinking of you referencing an urban guy with an SUV that he head never even put in 4WD mode; I guess they buy them for the image?! And I am so uncool that I had to Google REI to learn that it was a brand of clothing. As you know, the boys around hear hike in Carhartt.

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  5. Hey all,
    I felt the need to update this post by adding this comment. Today I learned that Greta has been selected to be Time Magazine’s *2019 Person of the Year*. Ridiculous. Greta is nothing but a manufactured celebrity, what in politics would be called an “empty suit”. She has fame because she is speaking a narrative that the powers that be wish to be heard.
    As this NBC article notes: “She became the biggest voice on the biggest issue facing the planet this year, coming from essentially nowhere to lead a worldwide movement,” Time editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal told the show, adding that Thunberg is the magazine’s youngest choice ever to be named Person of the Year”. (((Mr. Felsenthal))) wants you to know that little Greta came from “essentially nowhere” to lead the world on this, all by herself.

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    1. Joe, might want to check the spelling right after the word “Ridiculous”. Don’t want to give that puppet any greater stature than she deserves. Greta is not great.

      The idea that ANYONE of that age just steps up and has the ear of world leaders, addresses the UN, travels around the world, has their photo plastered all over, and does it all on their own, is absolutely preposterous. Only a Leftist could swallow that one.

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