An Agrarian Take #4: The Internet

As agrarians, or aspiring agrarians, how much focus should we have on the internet? Should it captivate us, or bore us? The internet as we know it has only existed for around 30 years. And yet it has consumed mankind’s life, like no other invention before it. It distracts man from his day, and his … Continue reading An Agrarian Take #4: The Internet

John Casor, the Inconvenient Truth

Happy New Year GKS readers! Let us start out 2020 with a powerful (but little mentioned) historical fact that changes the *slavery reparations* debate a bit. Who was John Casor? a tobacco field, much like John Casor likely worked John Casor was a Negro indentured servant in early Virginia, likely employed in the tobacco fields. … Continue reading John Casor, the Inconvenient Truth