No Right to the Throne

  In this post I wish to make some theoretical arguments -from a Biblical, Kinist and traditional perspective- that Prince Harry has disqualified himself from any potential right to the British throne by his recent marriage. First, does the Bible command monarchy? I believe that one can make reasonable Bible based arguments both for and … Continue reading No Right to the Throne


The Browning Hi-Power for TEOTWAWKI

  (Note: I first published this essay on my old blog PLN back in September 2017. As the original essay is no longer online, I decided to republish this lightly enhanced version of it here today). Of course, the phrase TEOTWAWKI is an acronym for The End Of The World As We Know It, and … Continue reading The Browning Hi-Power for TEOTWAWKI

Burger Nationalism

Those who frequent Alt-Right type websites sometimes see the derisively used term “burger nationalism”. The implication is that of a multiracial proposition nation based around liberty, universal democracy, and materialism -a nation that will eventually degenerate to moral decadence and consumerism -to a nationalism defined by cheeseburger consumption more than by blood and ancestral tradition. … Continue reading Burger Nationalism