Update: Covid-19 nears Kentuckiana

I normally use my mid-month post for an *An Agrarian Take* essay, but today I felt the need to post this brief message instead. My agrarian originally written for today post will appear here in mid-April instead. This morning there are 2,174 cases of Covid-19 in the United States. The Covid-19 coronavirus has arrived in … Continue reading Update: Covid-19 nears Kentuckiana

Fractured Worldviews, Publishing, and the Future of GKS

I had an approximately 1100 word essay written for today, concerning politics, the concept of democracy, and the rise of Bernie Sanders from the far left to Democratic forerunner. It would have been my first political essay at GKS since last March, when I criticized Yang Gang. I had already uploaded and scheduled my essay … Continue reading Fractured Worldviews, Publishing, and the Future of GKS

John Casor, the Inconvenient Truth

Happy New Year GKS readers! Let us start out 2020 with a powerful (but little mentioned) historical fact that changes the *slavery reparations* debate a bit. Who was John Casor? a tobacco field, much like John Casor likely worked John Casor was a Negro indentured servant in early Virginia, likely employed in the tobacco fields. … Continue reading John Casor, the Inconvenient Truth

An Agrarian Take #3: Doc Martin “Work” Boots

This Agrarian Take will be practical, not theoretical. In the summer of 2018, I got a pair of Doc Martin brand works boots for agricultural use. By the beginning of the 2019 garden season, they were rough. Now they are basically trashed. I love Corcoran brand combat boots. Corcorans are well designed, of quality material … Continue reading An Agrarian Take #3: Doc Martin “Work” Boots