A Statement on Yang, UBI, and Ideology

I did not intend to post this week, and have not done three posts per month since last summer, but recent events impel me to make this post today. The Tulsi meme fest is over; Yang Gang is here. Anyone who follows politics has by now heard of Andrew Yang’s bid for the Democratic nomination … Continue reading A Statement on Yang, UBI, and Ideology


Book Review: Woodard’s “American Nations”

Today I would like to review Colin Woodard’s 2011 book American Nations, which is subtitled A History of The Eleven Rival Regional Cultures Of North America. This 372 page softcover book was published by mainstream publishing house Penguin Books. Woodard is a journalist by profession, author, and native of Maine. I bought a used like-new … Continue reading Book Review: Woodard’s “American Nations”

An Agrarian Take on Exercise vs. Labor

Recently, after doing some intensive brush clearing for about three hours, and feeling beastly hungry, I decided to go to an online calorie calculator to see how that labor might calorically compare to “exercise” activities like walking and running. I found one site that had dozens of activities listed, a form to put in your … Continue reading An Agrarian Take on Exercise vs. Labor