Reconstruction 2.0

In June of 2020, protestors pulled down a statue of George Washington that stood in Portland, Oregon. Think about that. Not just the Confederates, but the first U.S. President and chair of the Constitutional Convention is now the enemy of the far left. And the far left is in power, in Congress and at 1600 … Continue reading Reconstruction 2.0

The Necessity of Hierarchy

I have never really followed the royal family of Great Britain. But the funeral of Prince Philip of Britain once again spurred me to dwell on the concept of social hierarchy. Prince Philip was of royal blood, 6 feet 2 inches tall, and a naval officer who saw combat for Britain. College educated back when … Continue reading The Necessity of Hierarchy

Coming Home: Genealogy and Regional Culture

White America is under siege culturally, not militarily. It is time for my brothers to come home. For a few that may mean geographically relocating, but for many it will simply mean awakening to who they are -to who their people are. Doing my personal genealogy was what started me on this journey. Who are … Continue reading Coming Home: Genealogy and Regional Culture