The Season of Blogging

  “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” ---Ecclesiastes 3:1 The Bible informs us that there is a season to everything. There has been a season of my blogging, and it has ended. In the last three years I have witnessed several sites that I regularly … Continue reading The Season of Blogging


Perspective, in Agrarianism and Theology

For anything to be of value, it must be in perspective. Regarding both theology and basic needs, most people have completely lost perspective. In a book I recently acquired on designing and building root cellars, I came across an interesting quote at the beginning of a chapter, from a man I had never heard of. … Continue reading Perspective, in Agrarianism and Theology

Kindle Ebook version of *Rethinking The Propositions* now available for only $3.99   Hello all, I have a brief post for today. Dragged grudgingly into the digital age, I just republished my paperback book Rethinking The Propositions as a Kindle Ebook this week. Personally, I love actual paper books, aka the dead tree edition. I just am not really into ebooks, Kindle, pdf, or otherwise. But … Continue reading Kindle Ebook version of *Rethinking The Propositions* now available for only $3.99

Why I Love the Frontier

Since I was a child, I have been somewhat fascinated with the early American Frontier, the period from about 1750-1825. Whether you call it Greater Appalachia, the Southern Backcountry, or the Trans-Appalachian region -I have always felt a connection to the people and history of the early American frontier south of Mason-Dixon. painting of Daniel … Continue reading Why I Love the Frontier